19 Şubat 2021

DIGITALCEM will be a series of programs equivalent to the “Technical Seminar” programme, the most prestigious event of the sector that our Association has been physically organizing biannually since 1987.

The topics of the sub-themes of this programme held under the main theme of  “Sustainable Turkish Cement for the Future” are as follows:

1. Cement Sector Sustainability Approaches
2. Circular Economy - Sustainable and Competitive Production within the Framework of Green Products
3. Green Transformation in Energy
4. Digital Cement
5. Green Cement
6. Emerging Technologies and Innovation
7. Other Sector Topics

Via the digital platform where only registered attendees will be able to access the platform, as a closed event,

The national and international participants and officials of the Turkish cement sector will have the opportunity of messaging with people taking part in the event, seeing the companies in the virtual booth area, choosing a company they want from the list of companies without losing time and meeting with it through a one-to-one appointment, obtaining company catalogs and information instantly, sending messages to the company, having the possibility of leaving personal information and meeting afterwards, participating in the technical sessions ongoing in the congress hall, and receiving answers by asking questions by way of a chatting.

The companies that will take part in the event with their virtual booth will have the opportunity of having a booth within the scope of the packages determined, enriching the interior of the booth with visual and technical materials, meeting one-on-one and face-to-face with the attendees requesting a meeting through an appointment and messaging and introducing their companies by making presentations in the technical sessions, and providing their technical knowledge that includes cutting-edge technologies to the participants.

The companies that are the event sponsors will benefit from numerous opportunities like the possibility to introduce their companies from the entrance area of the event and direct the participants to their booths, a right to direct presentation in the program where the selected presentations will take place according to the sponsorship package, and receipt of a discount in the 2022 Technical Seminar program, by choosing one of the sponsorship packages having different properties.

Please stay in touch with to take your place as a company or a visitor in the event where a limited number of booths will be present and to have the opportunity to introduce the latest technologies of your company without losing time in the technical presentation program. 

Be quick; do not be the one left behind. Take advantage of early registration. Book your seat ın cement’s fırst and only dıgıtal event