It has been drawn up with regard to the “Data Controller’s Obligation To Provide Information” for the TURKISH CEMENT MANUFACTURERS’ ASSOCIATION(“ASSOCIATION”)pursuant to Article 10 of the Law numbered 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (Law), promulgated in the 29677th issue of the Official Gazette dated April 7, 2016, which aims at safeguarding the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, particularly the right to privacy, in connection with the protection of personal data and the Communiqué on the Rules and Procedures To Be Observed for the Fulfilment of the Obligation To Provide Information, which was promulgated in the 30356th issue of the Turkish Official Gazette dated March 10, 2018. Our organization is aware of the importance of personal data and its responsibilities regarding the recording/utilization of that data and meticulously takes actions in that regard. QEB is committed to ensure compliance with the Law and the principle of integrity regarding the processing of personal data and this Clarification Text is intended to inform you on your personal data processed by us. 

Data Controller
The ASSOCIATION acts as the “Data Controller” in respect of data it processes pursuant to the provisions of the Law and applicable regulations and you can reach us by using the contact details given below.
Address of Head Office: Tepe Prime A Blok Kat:18-19 Eskişehir Devlet Yolu No:266 06800 ANKARA
  Telephone Number: 444 50 57
+90 (312) 265 09 05
  Web Site:
  Email Address:

Personal Data Processed

Your personal data described below is processed in connection with your relationship with the ASSOCIATION:

  1. Your Identity Information: first and surname, place of birth, date of birth, age, photograph, identity card and identity number; 
  2. Your Contact Details: office address, home address, email, telephone, cellphone, residence, records from address registration system;
  3. Data Related to Your Bank Account: bank account number, IBAN number and other data on bank accounts;
  4. Visual and Auditory Records:  Camera records;
  5. Your Data Regarding Cyber Security: Data pertaining to cyber security, including usernames, passwords, control traces, IP address, website access logs, and logs;

Purpose of Processing
Your personal data obtained in connection with your relationship with the ASSOCIATION may be processed for the purposes specified below.

- Application of the Labor Law and social security legislation; 
Event and organization management, 
- Sharing processed data during events and meetings and in social media and with the printed and electronic media and managing social media accounts;
Ensuring participation in training, workshops, and conferences organized by our Association and handling program registration processes; 
Issuing invoices for services purchased from suppliers and sending the invoices to their recipients; 
Managing informational activities; 
Sending magazines;
Ensuring communication within the committee and registration of committee members;
Establishing communication with the representatives of businesses which are the Association’s business partners, associates, and stakeholders and establishing and maintaining business and contractual
Performing contracts for procurement of goods/services awarded to our Association’s suppliers;
Safeguarding our Association’s legitimate interests and security and ensuring legal and commercial security;
Conducting quality and standard audits;
Keeping and archiving case files and notices for handling legal processes; managing debt enforcement proceedings;
Following-up of financial and/or accounting processes;
Ensuring that incoming / outgoing documents are recorded and tracked;
- Procurement of outsourced consultancy services;
Obtaining camera records for office security
Ensuring security in our building and compound, 
Performing visitor entry-exit checks;
Creation of visitor access cards;
Meeting and contacting guests;
Entering contact details of guests in the directory and keeping them;
Notification of the names of expert representatives from the Association or member factories, who will take part in meetings to be held by our stakeholders as well as field visits; 
Management of Concrete Plus mobile application; 
Notification of the names of people who will participate in events hosted by organizations of which we are a member and/or affiliated in Turkey and abroad.

Method of Collection of Personal Data and Legal Justification 

The ASSOCIATION collects personal data from you and third parties, including partnerships, solution partners with which we cooperate or have established a contractual relationship, or legal authorities for providing services as stipulated in the provisions of articles 5/2-f, 5/2-c, 5/2-e, 6/2 ve 8/2-a of the Law and achieving objectives specified above directly or through companies which have business relationships with our Association and/or suppliers of goods/services through printed or electronic channels, the Internet, social media, and other open media or training, events, and similar activities or forms developed by the ASSOCIATION or in a free format and also by means of security cameras or Registered Electronic Mail Systems when you contact our Federation and/or during the establishment of a legal relationship. 

V - The persons to whom the processed personal data may be transferred and its purposes

Your personal data may be shared with public agencies and institutions, law enforcement, courts of law and enforcement offices, affiliated third party natural persons and legal entities, businesses, contract attorneys, service providers and their officers, business partners, banks, suppliers, and providers of support services in accordance with article 8 of the Law for purposes stipulated in section 3 of this Informational Document and under the provisions of the Law on transfer of personal data. 

Your Rights

Our Federation is committed to ensuring that you can exercise the rights granted to you by the Law and you have the following rights with regard to your personal data pursuant to the provisions of article 11 of the Law:

1. To learn about any processing of your personal data,
2. To request information about how your data has been processed,
3. To learn the purpose behind the processing of your personal data, and whether it is being used in accordance with this purpose,
4. To learn about any third parties, both in Turkey and abroad, to which your personal data is being transferred,
5. To request the correction of personal data if incomplete or incorrectly processed,
6. To request that your personal data be deleted or destroyed if the reasons necessitating the processing of your data, even if it has been processed in accordance with the applicable legislation, have ceased to exist;
7. If your personal data, which is incomplete or processed inappropriately, has been corrected, to request that third parties receiving your personal data be informed that it has been corrected or deleted, destroyed, or anonymized as the reasons for their processing have ceased to exist;
8. To contest any outcome resulting from the analyzing of processed data exclusively through automatic systems and to request that any loss you have incurred as a result of unlawful processing of your personal data. 

If you need to contact us to get information about your rights or to communicate your requests: 

Within the scope of the above-mentioned rights, you can send your requests to the ASSOCIATION in writing by means of a notarized petition to the address: “Tepe Prime A Blok Kat:18-19 Eskişehir Devlet Yolu No:266 06800 Ankara” or to, by using secure electronic signature, mobile signature or, if any, the electronic mail address previously notified by you to our Federation and registered in our Federation's system. 

Personal applications to be made in that context will be received after the verification of your identity and your requests will be processed as soon as possible and within maximum 30 days. If a written response is given to an application, no fee will be charged for up to 10 pages, but the processing fee as defined in article 7 of the Communique on the Rules and Procedures for Applying to Data Controllers may be charged for each page in excess of 10 pages. If the application is submitted on a recording medium such as a CD or a flash memory, a fee equal to the cost of the recording medium may be charged.