Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association (TÜRKÇİMENTO) established in 1957. It represents a total of 67 enterprises, as 51 integrated facilities and 16 grinding facilities, with the aim of better quality products and more efficient services and looking for solutions to potential problems.

  • Generating  solutions for its members for research and development, analysis, quality control, raw material, energy, environmental management systems, human resources and training services, to take initiatives for legal and administrative arrangements,  

  • Collaborating  with the public sector, universities, non-governmental organizations and other relevant institutions on R&D, international collaboration, management systems, certification, sectorial data compilation and legislative implementations on cement and concrete issues.

  • İncreasing  production by improving cement and concrete quality, while  developing  new products and new areas of use  by  organizing  national and international events for  making contribution  to construction sector,

  • Carrying  out pioneer studies on waste disposal and use of alternative raw materials, energy efficiency etc. within the framework of the sustainable development goals of the sector, 

  • Representing Turkish cement sector in European Cement Association  (CEMBUREAU) since 1972, in European Concrete Paving Association (EUPAVE) since 2009 and in Turkish Construction Products Producers Federation (YÜF) since 2005

  • Conducting activities within the scope of Memorandum of understandings  agreements with the Arab, Chinese and Indian Cement Manufacturers  Associations and  making contacts with similar national and international cooperations.

These services are provided through TEQR (Training, Environment and Quality,R&D Commercial Enterprise) and CQE (The Council for Quality and Environment Commercial Enterprise) within its body.

Established by TCMA in 1978 as a “Center of Excellence” within the scope test and researches of cement and similar building  materials, TCMA Laboratories gained acceleration in 1995 with the establishment of “Cement and Concrete Research-Development Institute”. Besides fulfilling the analysis and research needs of the sector with the R&D Institute, TCMA meticulously meets the training needs of the sector.

Having expanded its services to the cement-concrete manufacturers in the last 30 years, R&D Institute completed accreditation by TURKAK according to TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 in 2003 with establishing “Quality Control Independent Test Laboratories ”within its body and started to provide services to the certification bodies, which grant “CE” certificate in Turkey and abroad.



Türk Çimento(Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association) Laboratories were founded in 1978 under a UNIDO project to establish a Center of Excellence within the scope of the test and research of cement and similar materials.      

With 40-years of experience, R&D Institute offers quality control studies, calibration, research and business development, test services and consultancy services to the cement-concrete manufacturers and users based on the principle of impartiality by expanding its staff and laboratory means.   

The following accreditation certificates were obtained from Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK):  

•    Test Laboratories in 2003 TS EN ISO/IEC 17025
•    Calibration Laboratory in 2006 TS EN ISO/IEC 17025
•    Proficiency Tests in 2017 TS EN ISO/IEC 17043

and “Quality Control Independent Test Laboratories” provide service national and international Turkey. 

Türk Çimento R&D Institute closely follows up the developments in the world in parallel to the scientific and technological advances, with the accumulation of the experimental knowledge and aims to offer the best service by further improving its laboratories and increasing its capacity.   

- Our Differences;

•    Providing test and calibration service by keeping customer satisfaction at the utmost level, 
•    Accredited, accurate and swift analysis service,
•    Internationally accepted services with wide accreditation scope, 
•    Analysis service at National/International standards or by means of methods developed within the organization,  
•    Reinforcing trust in quality by means of participation in national and international comparison studies and planning new device investments with the aim of new scope broadening for the needs of the sector, 
•    Customer confidentiality, 
•    Following the up-to-date regulations and legislations, 
•    Preparing analysis and test reports with special software, 
•    Strong collaboration with the R&D Centers and Universities, 
•    Organizing Inter-Laboratory Test Programme (LTP) with our strength in the competitive environment,  
•    Safe disposal of the laboratory wastes, with High Level of Environmental Consciousness.

Special analyzes were  carried out by our Institute;
•    Clinker Microstructure Analyzes
•    Rietveld Method 
•    Burnability Testing
•    Bond Grinding Index


Türk Çimento Quality Control Independent Test Laboratories (QCITL) identify the properties and performance of the cement, cement raw materials and mineral additives and other hydraulic binders and contribute to the technical meetings and seminars by carrying out the quality control activities of the sector.  

In accordance with the TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 ‘General Conditions for the Proficiency of the Test and Calibration Laboratories’ standard, Test Laboratories accredited in 2003 and Calibration Laboratories accredited in 2006 which are the first laboratories to have been accredited in Turkey on cement by TÜRKAK with the certificate nos. AB-0007-T and AB-0038-K.   

As test laboratories testing services offered to the organizations that grant “CE” certification for the cement and relevant products at the national and international level. In this context, TÜRKAK granted Türk Çimento Quality Control Independent Test Laboratories with the authority to accreditation in the tests required to prepare the conformity report in the relevant construction materials, cements in particular. The Laboratory also meets other test and investigation demands received by the R&D Institute. 

In 2017, QCITL was accredited by TÜRKAK according to the TS EN ISO / IEC 17043 “General Conditions for the Proficiency Test”. Samples prepared within this scope are sent to the laboratories of the cement factories, public and private enterprises. The results are statistically evaluated with the performance of the laboratories. In certain cases, advices or training to participants are provided.