• Taking initiatives in the solution of sectoral problems in the eye of government

  • Providing services to the sector on public relations, 

  • Serving as an information center for the Sector and the Public,

  • Leading to the sector’s foreign professional relations

  • Organizing trainings to its members and the cement industries of the developing countries,

  • Organizing seminars, symposiums and conferences,

  • İnforming the members about the developments in the cement industry, i.e freight and fuel markets of the world,

  • Publishing periodic journals and books on cement and concrete.

  • Conducting basic and applied research projects for  the sector at their laboratories,

  • Genarating solutions for the problems of the manufacturers,  challenging with production

  • Inspecting the conformity of the production of the member factories to Turkish and International Standards,

  • Carrying out proficiency test for the laboratories 

  • Providing environmental measurements and consultancy on environmental issues

  • Collaborating with the organizations and universities operating in the fields of cement and concrete,

  • Making measurements providing consultancy on environmental impacts.