Pervious Concrete

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Pervious concrete is a special concrete with 15%-25% connected clearance volume, which is designed to allow the passage of water on top unlike to other coating types and heavily made of coarse aggregates while fine aggregate is not used or used in small quantities.   
Pervious Concrete Implementations allow the rain water to infiltrate into the ground, renewing the groundwater. Thanks to the Pervious Concrete Implementations, the natural water cycle is protected and rain water is combined with groundwater. Such applications also contribute to traffic safety by allowing the surface water to be discharged rapidly. In addition, the Pervious Concrete coating acts as a filter for the surface pollutants. Studies show more than 99% of the oil getting into the pervious coating is biologically degraded.    
Pervious Concrete is more economic and long lasting compared to traditional drainage systems. Pervious Concrete can also be used as an irrigation system.    
The most preferred areas of use of the Pervious Concrete in our day are as follows;
- Sidewalks and pedestrian paths
- Bicycle paths
- Parking areas 
- Rain gardens
- Slope stabilization
- Greenhouses
- Hydraulic structures
- Sidewalk drainage
- Dikes and coastal walls
- Noise barriers
- Sports facilities infrastructure
In our country, the application of pervious concrete has become widespread in recent years and there are successful applications to direct the rain water to the green areas, to eliminate the harmful effects of surface water using under the parquet coating on the municipal roads and to direct the rain water to the desired areas.