Our Vision and Goal

With the awareness to ensure reputation of the sector is protected and improved in home and abroad while generalizing use of cement in the country, we would like to emphasize our position in the sustainable growth in the eye of the public by considering the benefits of society together with our members. In line with this goal, Türk Çimento carries out and taking forward its works by internalizing the creativity, transparency, honesty and reliability values

Our Mission 
  • To become spokesman   of the sector and to represent the industry  in all sections,

  • To make efforts to conduct joint works in the areas of interest by establishing relations with other organizations operating in similar areas both inside and outside of the country  to increase efficiency

  • To convey the requirements of the sector regarding all kinds of legislation on cement industry  to the relevant authorities on behalf of its members with a proactive understanding,

  • To carry out all kinds of research and  development, while promoting activities regarding  cement and concrete and  organizing  trainings and seminars on cement production and current technologies for its member organizations, to raise the awareness of the public on improving  the image of the industry and concrete,

  • To collect statistical information complying with competition law and other legal rules, and by processing this information presents to its members and the public.