TÇMB 62nd General Assembly was held

20 Şubat 2020

Dr. Tamer Saka, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association (TÇMB), continues his studies in the new period as well.

Dr. Tamer Saka who has been leading  as a Chairman of the Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association (TÇMB) Board since July 2019, was re-elected as the chairman at the TÇMB General Assembly meeting held on Monday, February 17th,2020. Following his reelection, Dr. Tamer Saka pointed out that Turkish Cement sector is the leader of Europe in cement production and second biggest cement exporter in the world.

Dr. Tamer Saka stated, “The total export of clinker and cement in 2019 increased 68 % and realized as 23 million tons. The total export value of the Turkish Cement sector year on year became 877 million dollars, with a 44% increase. We are exporting more than 100 countries and our most important markets are; the USA, Israel, Ghana, and Ivory Coast. In January 2020, the cement export increased by 81% and reached 1,1million tons and the clinker export grew by 29% to reached 1,3 million tons. Our forecast is that Turkish cement sector will grow by approximately 2% in domestic sales and 15% in exports this year,” and added the following statement; “I believe that we will continue to provide contributions to the economy of our country with the collaboration and synergy in our Board of Directors formed upon the General Meeting.” In the Board of Directors of Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association where Dr. Tamer Saka acts as the Chairman of the Board, Adil Sani Konukoğlu became the Deputy Chairman and Nihat Özdemir, Ali Pastonoğlu, Gökhan Bozkurt, and Fatih Yücelik were appointed as Vice Chairman.

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