MOF4AIR Project website was launched!

04 Şubat 2020

MOF4AIR Project was entitled to be funded by the European Commission on Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 837975. Power supply and carbon-intensive industries (e.g. cement, steel and petrochemical industries) account for a large share of CO2 emissions. Besides the limitation of anthropogenic CO2 emissions, Carbon capture is a key technology that has the potential to decrease carbon emissions in these sectors by giving another afterlife to this CO2: utilisation or storage. MOF4AIR is a Horizon 2020 project gathering 14 partners from 8 countries, including TCMA R&D Institute as a partner, to develop and demonstrate the performances of Metal Organic Framework (MOF)-based CO2 capture technologies in power plants and energy intensive industries. For more detailed information on the MOF4AIR Project, please visit . “The more we capture CO2, the greener future we embrace”