TÜRKÇİMENTO R&D Institute closely follows up the developments in the world in parallel to the scientific and technological advances, with the accumulation of the experimental knowledge and will continue to offer the best service by further improving its laboratories and increasing its capacity. R&D Institute TÜRKÇİMENTO established a Research and Development Institute for Cement and Concrete within its body to particularly carry out its duties of research and development in technical and scientific terms.

a) Aim of the Institute is to assist and encourage technical-scientific research and developments in the sectors that produce and use cement and similar binding materials and concrete and concrete aggregates.

b) Research and Development subjects:

• To technically and scientifically improve the hydraulic binding materials and Concrete and Concrete Aggregate materials including additives,

• To carry out process improvement studies,

• To provide appraiser’s report and consultancy services on the subjects regarding the branch within the framework of the aim of the Association,

• To encourage relevant studies of the universities and other scientific institutions by means of collaboration or of other facilities, • To provide information to its members and the public by means of consultancy services and meetings.

• To publish the results and other scientific studies in the professional literature,

c) Research and Development activities of the Institute are decided by the Advisory Board and determined firmly with the approval of the Board The Institute may also provide service to the 3rd parties.

d) To ensure that Cement and Concrete standards are developed and improved. Aim and Duties of the Organization • To conduct basic and applied research on hydraulic binders, concrete, aggregates, chemical and mineral additives,

• To perform tests that include chemical, physical, mechanical and microstructure properties on these materials for the cement factories and other organizations, to investigate their compliance to the standards,

• To investigate the problems faced by the cement factories in the fields of raw material, additive and production process and to propose solutions,

• To encourage the factories, universities and scientific organizations, which are member to the Association, to conduct research on cement and concrete, to support such activities, to collaborate with similar organizations abroad,

• To announce the latest developments and research results on cement and concrete by means of scientific meetings, training seminars and various publications at the national and international level,

• Within the framework of the duties of TCMA, to provide appraiser’s report and consultancy services for the public and private sectors,

• To help with the preparation of the standards on cement and concrete by working together with the Turkish Standards Institute and other relevant organizations,

• To provide service to the cement factories and other organizations for the calibration of various test and measurement devices at the laboratory. Quality Policy

1. With our laboratories that offer Test and Calibration services paying attention to the customer satisfaction at the utmost level, to protect and improve the reputation of the organization, to feature this through dialogue with the customer,

2. To implement the quality management system established according to TS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, to ensure its efficiency and development through continuous improvements. Believing that quality is only sustainable by team work, to ensure that personnel is informed of quality documents and work according to policy and procedures,

3. To provide the correct service at once and in time through professional and technical implementation by adopting satisfaction of customer requests in a correct and serial manner as a principle and following the technology at the best level,

4. To comply with the legislation in the methods used, to take national and/or international standards or methods developed by the Laboratory as a basis and to ensure highest confidentiality,

5. To respect and protect environment in all works to be performed and all methods implemented and to be adapted, Organization of the R&D Laboratories is made up of two main branches. Branches, their function, research and test activities conducted are given below.

• Quality Control Independent Test Laboratories (QCITL)

• R&D Innovation Projects and Business Development Department