Evaluation of Sustainability

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In 2014 European Commission adopted the “Communication on Resource Efficiency Opportunities in the Building Sector”.  This communication focuses on two main issues: to work towards a common approach to assess the environmental performance of the buildings and to fight against the construction & demolition wastes. In addition, following 6 six macro-targets have been proposed at the building level to identify relevant performance indicators:

• Greenhouse gas emissions from life cycle energy use
• Resource-efficient material life cycles
• Efficient use of water resources
• Healthy and comfortable areas
• Resistance to climate change
• Optimized life cycle cost and value

In 2016, the issue started to be discussed in line with the feedback from the stakeholders on the first draft indicator suggestions.

In the cement and concrete industry in order for a building to be really sustainable, a balance is required to be sustained between social, economic and environmental measures throughout the life of the building.  For this reason, it was decided that evaluation on a large indicator group regarding the buildings would be the most suitable approach and therefore the subject should be addressed by CEN/TC 350 Sustainable Structures group.

In terms of the specified indicators, it is emphasized by CEMBUREAU that Whole Life cycle Assessment and Whole Life Cycle Costing Methodology are the most reliable and accurate ways of assessing the sustainability of the building.   
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