Construction and Demolition Wastes

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In Europe, one third of the construction and demolition wastes (C&DW) generated annually is concrete. Very few of these wastes are recycled. 

The European Commission has taken various steps to analyze and improve the recycling rates of construction and demolition waste (C&DW) across the Europe. Construction and Demolition Waste Management Protocol was published by the Commission in November 2016.

Concrete after demolition is 100% recyclable. To reduce our dependence on primary raw materials and the amount of waste sent to landfill are the main benefits of C&DW recycled concrete. 

C & DW made from recycled concrete are the main benefits. Recycled concrete can be re-used as aggregate in the concrete to be newly poured or in road construction and excavation works. In addition, it is possible to use fine pieces of concrete broken down as a secondary raw material in clinker production. Efforts are made to ensure sufficient demand for the recycled materials after C&DW being efficiently segregated and collected and to increase confidence in these materials.
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