Comprehensive Health Risk Study (CHRS)

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Initiated by Cembureau in 2005 to identify the heath conditions of the employees exposed to dust containing cement, Comprehensive Health Risk Study (CHRS) is a study of 2,5 Million Euro Cembureau investment budget and is composed of four main elements:    

1. Scientific Literature Study  
2. Study on Exposure to Cement Dust in the Construction Industry 
3. Toxicological Study 
4. Epidemiological and Clinical Studies (including Prospective Lung Function Monitoring Study) 

All studies conducted within this scope were published in various independent scientific journals.  

Lung Function Monitoring Study, which is one of the important steps within the scope of the project, was managed by the National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH) of Norway and other institutions provided data entry for NIOH. The study included 24 cement factories from 8 countries (Norway, Estonia, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland and Greece) and more than 3000 employees in the sector. (Measurements were conducted in 2007, 2009 and 2011).      

The coordination for the project, in which 9 cement factories from Turkey participated, was performed by the Cement Industry Employers’ Union.  

The following determinations were made as a result of the Lung Function Monitoring Study:
•    Exposure to cement and cement dust is through contact with skin or by means of inhalation.  
•    Skin contact with cement may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. Inhalation of the cement dust may cause respiratory problems depending on the type of dust, exposure time and level.   
•    Proper use of personal protective equipment greatly contributes to the protection of the employees in the cement sector or construction sector and prevents possible health problems. 
•    There is no evidence in the literature proving that exposure to Portland cement increases cancer risk. This is consistent according to studies with various potential limitations as well as various geographical and demographic conditions.