General Assembly of TÜRKÇİMENTO and General Assembly of YÜF was Held

28 Nisan 2023

TÜRKÇİMENTO, the umbrella organization of the cement industry, held the 65th General Assembly of the 2022 Year of Activity in Ankara on April 25, and the General Assembly of the Building Materials Manufacturers' Federation (YÜF), of which TÜRKÇİMENTO is a member, was held in Istanbul on April 27. Fatih Yücelik, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was re-elected Chairman at the YÜF General Assembly.

Stating that in both meetings, from the first day of the earthquake, our sectors tried to provide maximum support for all kinds of needs such as debris rescue activities and food, medical supplies, Yücelik explained what was done in this process as follows: There are no words to describe our sadness for the lives we have lost. Right after this earthquake disaster in which we suffered irreparable losses, together with the mobilization we started with all our member factories and within ourselves, we sent our aid to the region, whether it was food, water, blankets, heaters and other basic needs, as well as machinery, equipment and trained manpower.

In addition to daily needs; As the Union, we implemented our container city implementation plan in the region in cooperation with the Cement Industry Employers' Union (ÇEİS) and delivered our containers to the region. As the industry, we exhibited a great example of mobilization for Hatay Airport, which was damaged in the earthquake and became unable to serve. Çimko, Limak Cement and Oyak Cement established a large cooperation network for the supply of concrete used in the repair works of the damaged Hatay Airport. Our members, who combined their means under the conditions of damaged aggregate, concrete facilities and work equipment, with access roads with high vehicle density due to evacuation aid operations in the region, delivered uninterrupted products and services to the contractor company that undertook the repair.”